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Blazing Elves

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Blazing Elves it's a new free online Action pack fighting game.The father of creation in the mainland, Angelis left the mysterious source of magic, this is the world's most powerful magic power, and to protect the source of magic mission endowed with a natural ability with predicted fire elf girl - Blazing. The source of magic energy into ward have been guarding Angelis this piece of pure land. Is the source of magic energy after thousands of years of agglomeration, more and more powerful. And the king of Darkness - ora, a ambitions to want to seize the source of magic, dark domination of the world control, ready to start. Therefore, careful planning scheme started, many ambitious, right desire ruler, was blinded by the elves, and stupid people are involved. When the Blazing and the source of magic in Olla's plot together disappeared, Angelis the magical barrier collapsed instantly. The power of darkness immediately to turn out in full strength, everywhere bloodthirsty massacre. And vow to protect Angelis this piece of pure land of warriors, also began to pick up the sword of justice, set foot on the journey to fight with darkness.

  •  Use W,A,S,D to move your selected unit.Attack J.Jump K.Use item L.P to pause the game.For more instruction see it in the game

action adventure blazing brawler dragons fight monsters fighting fortune magic power

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