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Combat 3

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Combat 3 game is a new first-person shooter arena combat game made with the innovative Unity 3D technology. Here we have another quality 3D shooter in Counter Strike style. The game has been laid by minecraft background! Are you willing to take the lead and be the best?This is a online multiplayer game which means you can take on opponents from around the world.For you, this time it will be very simple, just type the name and select a server. Then, of course, you try to kill as many enemies as possible. Choose your room, wait for other players and get to the fight! The game offers a big arsenal of guns that you can use and many maps with different game types. Initially you only have a knife, and therefore try as quickly as possible to find a weapon.Choose your game and team and start the action.Made in the best shooter traditions, Combat 3 allows you to call to mind the good old Counter-Strike it has returned back in the flash! Good luck and have fun with this free flash online game at Vitality Games!

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