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Destroy everything on your path. I think you always wanted for yourself a tank. Now you have the possibility to control one. By choosing to play these types of free driving games you can improve your driving skill and also you will improve your attention to details. Why I am saying this? Because for these types of free driving games you have to pay attention to the incoming possible threats and to end your race in time. For each level you will have 6 minutes to get to the finish line. If you don't do that you will automatically lose that round. Also you can lose a life by getting your tank upside down, in which case your tank will explode.This game is played with your keyboard. To move your tank you will have to press the up key to accelerate. If you will press the down arrow key you will automatically break. Your left arrow and right arrow keys are made for balance control. By pressing the x key you move your cannon down, and by pressing the z key you move your cannon up. To fire with your cannon you need to press space. You will see that in these types of free driving games you will have a tank health. Try to avoid getting that health to the maximum admitted because if you do that, again, your tank will explode. Most free driving games will present you with some obstacles that you will need to pass to get to the finish line. Try to shoot the mines from distance to avoid the damage by crossing over them, and watch out for ground fire. They have 5 seconds between explosions. There are also some bridges that you will need to pass to get to the finish line. To start these bridges you will have to aim and shoot to some specific targets to put the elevator in movement.Crusher is the best one in his league.

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  •  Use arrow keys to balance and drive you tank.X-move canon down.Z-move canon up.Use SPACE to shoot.

bombs driving ground fire mines obstacle shoot shooting tank

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