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Evo F

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Looking to play only the best 3D simulator cars driving games online to have a blast online and improve your driving skills? Then here on vitalitygames.com we have prepared this fun new driving game called Evo-F.
Evo-F is developed by pacogames and is one of the best 3d city car driving game featuring awesome graphics and realistic car controls. Evo-F is featuring two different game modes like city ride and free mode. In the first mode city ride you must drive and explore the vast space of the city and drive certain cars like sport cars with a lot of power. The cool thing is that you can drift in curves and slow the time with the T key and make a slow motion letting you see the awesome fiziks that the cars made while making drifts..;)). Then go drive and move certain objects with excavators and forklifts like move ramps, transfer the pallets and barrels and many other things across the entire city. Have fun driving and do good deeds like repairing cars and helping other citizens while having fun online. 
In the second mode called free mode it's all about ramps,,jumps,,stunts and a lot of exploration and fun! With a free range space away from the city you can do what ever you want and drive certain cars. See how they handle with realistic simulator controls and have a blast today online with this fun car driving game called Evo-F! Enjoy and have fun with epic 4x4 cars!
Release Date
April 2, 2018
Evo-F is developed by Ciorbyn Studio Games.
  • Stunning 3D graphics with with smooth effects.
  • A lot of different types of cars available for testing and driving.
  • 2 game mode like free roam and city ride.
  • Garage to repair your cars.
  • A lot of mission to complete making the game fun to play!

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  •  Drive/ Balance
     Repair Car
     Reset Car
     Slow Time
     Change Camera
     Arm Up And Arm Down
     Fork Up And Fork Down

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