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Prince Of Persia

À propos du jeu

Prince Of Persia games free to play online on vitalitygames.com. Click to play online on vitality games the best prince action pack games online. Prince of Persia is originally a computer game, which was created in 1989 by Jordan Mechner for the Apple II platform. After introduction on the European and Japanese market, the game became a huge success and even today is considered as one of the best games of the whole history. And now, you have the opportunity to try out Persian prince directly in your browser. In the absence of the sultan, Vizier Jaffar seeks to dominate the whole country with his cruel tyranny. If he marries beautiful princess, he will become the most powerful man of that time. But princess does not want to live with such brute, and therefore rejects his offer. Angry Jaffar sees it clearly. She marries him in our hour, or she will die. Only you now can save her life, young prisoner from Jaffars dungeons. Have fun.

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  •  Shift-action/walkWASD or arrow keys to play.

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