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Shoot And Shout

À propos du jeu

Shoot and Shout games free to play on vitalitygames.com. In Shoot and Shout game you have been called again to save the Earth. Aliens are not defeated yet! Help the little hero in his second adventure in the fight against ugly monsters. Your goal in Shoot'n'Shout 2 is to shoot all targets with a limited number of bullets.Pick up your trusted gun and bazooka and use the new flamethrower to eliminate all the enemies, take advantage of new features like pipes and wooden platform and save the world in 36 puzzling physics levels! Shoot and Shout gives you the opportunity to destroy the evil that threatens our planet! There is hope in you that because of your actions our human race will survive!Have fun and try to save the planet!

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  •  Simply aim with your mouse and click to shoot

alien boy and girls gun monster platform shooting

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