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Gameplay: Sea Monster Crane Parking

À propos du jeu

Sea monster crane parking it's a new free online driving and parking crane game. Where you must help the people in your city feel safer and get rid of all the sea monsters. You will have to assume the role of a professional crane driver and drive around the city in search for massive sea monsters. Follow the arrow which will lead you to them. Park your crane safely and use the Q and E keys to control your crane's arm. Press the T key to pick the creature up and the Y key to release it in the water. Control your vehicle with the arrow keys and prove everyone that you have what it takes to become a professional driver. Avoid damaging your truck too much or you will ruin it and that will mean game over for you! Clean the streets and make your city a safer place for people to live in. Put your skills to work and have a great time! Good luck!

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