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Gameplay: Space Strike Force

À propos du jeu

Have a look at this new space challenge here on Where you must prove yourself in becoming the ultimate warrior out there. The outer space is a very dangerous place and you need some amazing skills on order to survive. Take your space ship on a ride using your arrow keys to steer it and your Z key to shoot. You also have a Nuke secret weapon which you can activate using your space bar, it will blow up every enemy on the map, but it does take some time to regenerate, so you have to choose your moments wisely. There are many types of enemies and as you progress in the game they will only get stronger. You will be able to collect power ups to change your weapons, to refill your health bar or to get a shield to protect you for a limited amount of time. You can also collect coins that will allow you to buy upgrades between levels. You can improve your speed, arsenal, nuke and armor. There are eight intense levels and some of them also have a boss at the end that you will have to defeat in order to win. Have an amazing time playing this fun and complex game and see if you can prove yourself to be one of the best! Enjoy!

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