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Gameplay: Ultimate Mega Mechs

À propos du jeu

Play the latest and the most awesome epic 2 player robots shooting and fighting games online for free only on Click to play now this Ultimate Mega Mechs game and fight against invading aliens to save the planet.
Choose and take control of your ultimate robot start with bumblebee with his nick name as StealBee and defend the Amazon rainforest with your technologically advanced mech robot. Learn the controls and start having fun in this side-scrolling platform game with your friends or along the Ai. And fight and shoot your way to defeat as much as possible many invading aliens. Assemble and upgrade your Mechs to make them ever more powerful and resilient and use all the special techniques available to repel and annihilate the invaders. While fighting you must keep a close watch on your stamina bar and ensure you don't run out otherwise you will be vulnerable! Enjoy this epic game with a lot of missions and campaigns to do and upgrades like : health, speed, attack,defense, fire defense, cold defense, and electric defense. And make sure you always upgrade the level up button to gain more power and be stronger. Try to upgrade the weapons enhancement for the hit, power and shoot to be more stronger..;)) And don't forget to get your rewards from the main menu game interface.
Have fun with this transformer epic game and protect the soldier that fight along your sides and always collect the green crystals to get more xp and level up. Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
March 2018
Ultimate Mega Mechs is developed by
  • A lot of missions and campaigns to do.
  • Epic fun robot fighting side-scrolling platform game.
  • Single player and two player mode are available.
  • Cool robot models that are inspired from Transformers movie.
  • A lot of upgrades like: attack,defense, fire defense, cold defense, and electric defense.
  • You can get parts in the game to assemble new robots.
  • Rewards after each and xp.

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