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Getting the best BMX tricks out requires you to have proper gear, the proper bike and the proper setting where you can peform! Here on VitalityGames you have the unique chance to get all of this! 
Prepare for competitions ahead of time to be able to perform those daring tricks! The tricky half pipe park awaits you and your friends to enjoy. You will start off with doing a kickflip until you get proficient enough to do more complex tricks such as 360 spins, backflip or frontflips. Whether you got a dedicated park at your disposal or simply making the everyday city obstacles your park, you have got to improve on a daily basis or you will fail in your quest to become the ultimate BMX champion. 
On your way to the top you will have to tune your bike just right for specific environment you will ride in. Optimize your ride control and take the lead of your opponents with your awesome BMX Skills. 

What Are BMX Games?

BMX Games are a category of bike games where the player has to complete various tasks using a BMX bike such as completing obstacle courses or win races.

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