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Darts is a form of throwing game in which small missiles are thrown at a circular dartboard fixed to a wall. The highest score possible with three darts is 180, commonly known as a "ton 80" (100 points is called a ton), obtained when all three darts land in the triple 20. What do you say? Can you do it? Do you have what it takes to make that happen? Darts is a traditional pub game, commonly played in the British Isles, across the Commonwealth, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, the Scandinavian countries, the United States, and elsewhere. Are you able to keep up with this big countries that develop this sport? I say it's time to get back on the horse and play with all you got in order to become a famous person in the World Professional Darts Championship. 
Our website will give you the pleasure to play these darts games in many different situations and will give you another perspective in every game so you can't be bored. Enjoy and have a good game!

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