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Drag race is a type of race that originated in the 1940s. The early drag races were held at decommissioned aircraft bases with World War II veterans being prominently involved in them. In this type of cars racing where two vehicles, which are prepared in advance specifically for this type of event, compete against each other in being the first to reach the finish line. The races are held on straight, short circuits of varying distances, the 1000 ft(305 m) becoming somewhat of a standard. During its existence, the list of vehicles used for drag races is almost as long and varied as the history of these races themselves. Despite being a regulated sport, drag races can also take the form of illegal street races. offers a wide variety of car racing games, drag races being among the most beloved by our players. Regardless of which title you pick, you are guaranteed to have fun. In these race games, you usually take part in illegal street races, you get to unlock new cars and customize them with all kinds of upgrades to improve your chances of winning. These race games will give you an adrenaline rush as you go full speed ahead for the finish line!

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