Afterlife: The Game
Afterlife: The Game
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Afterlife: The Game

Afterlife: The Game


Évaluation: 4.9
Enjoy playing as a ghost in Afterlife: The Game and use various different skills to do certain staffs like, sing, play game,protect your wife...

Play the most epic fun game like the famous Afterlife: The Game online for free on The fun starts after you died..and in your afterlife you are a ghost and need to complete different tasks both in the ghost world, and the real world.
Tasks as learn to fly, protecting your wife from danger like ninjas with blades, knifes, and interacting with other ghosts in the spirit world. You can even get back on your ex boss called Alan. By messing with his office and scaring him. There will be plenty of stuff to do places to go you can even perform stand-up comedy in this point and click game. The tasks require various different skills from playing games to singing and more fun epic stuffs. Enjoy this fun arcade game for kids and good luck you will need it!
Release Date
1 May 2018.
Afterlife: The Game is developed by Ohmaigawd.
  • Many challenging levels.
  • Funny animation and sounds.
  • Sing, play games, perform stand-up comedy and many more cool stun to do.
  • Fun and unexpected physics and elements.