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Assassin S Creed Freerunners (BETA)

Assassin S Creed Freerunners (BETA)


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Parkour your way through the levels like a true assassin with today's game right here at!
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Hey there! Are you ready for an assassin's creed game that you can play for free directly in your internet browser? If so then you're in luck because Ubisoft's Assassin s Creed Freerunners just hit our website and it's a blast! 

Parkour your way through challenging levels alongside players from all over the world. You read that right! This is a multiplayer game! At first, you'll play as Aguilar, the protagonist from the assassin's creed movie. You can unlock other assassins such as Edward Kenway, Alexios, Bayek of Siwa, Ezio, Eivor, or Altair either with coins you earn during the game or by receiving daily rewards. 

The game is fast-paced and the controls are easy to learn but that doesn't mean the game is not challenging. You'll have to time your jumps and flips perfectly to take advantage of the levels' architecture and stay ahead of the other players. The smallest mistake could place you in the last place. If you wish to test your parkour skills and you think you have what it takes to be a legendary assassin go right ahead and click the Play button! 

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  • Good looking stylized 3D graphics
  • Multiplayer
  • Lots of characters to unlock
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Available on mobile

Date de sortie: March 2022

Développeur: Assassin s Creed Freerunners (BETA) a été développé par Ubisoft

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