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Ball Jumper

Ball Jumper


Évaluation: 4.9
Ball Jumper is a fun arcade game where your dexterity and coordination make the difference between beating a level or not.

Are you a fan of arcade games? Do you like playing games that are both challenging and fun? Well, today's free game is just that! In Ball Jumper you control a ball, well, you control where it falls to be more precise. You must guide the ball and make sure it always lands on one of the available platforms, but make sure you don't stay in one place for too long as the platforms will break and fall apart. That's it! Sounds pretty simple right? It is, master the game's controls and you'll have a very fun casual game at your fingertips that'll keep you entertained. If free games are your two favorite words then you're in the right place. Here at you can play thousands of games for free online, and we'll let you know on a little secret: we keep adding fresh new games every day so make sure you check us out often!
  • Retro 2D pixel graphics
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • A great choice for casual gamers

Date de sortie: September 2021

Développeur: Ball Jumper a été développé par FBK

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