School Bus Demo Derby
School Bus Demo Derby
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School Bus Demo Derby

School Bus Demo Derby


Évaluation: 4.6
School Bus Demo Derby is a fun driving game where you get to race or just smash your bus against other drivers. Either way, you're in for some fun!

Are you looking for a bus game that's also a racing game? If so then here at you can play School Bus Demo Derby. In this game of bus driving you can compete in races, outsmarting the other drivers at every turn, and also take part in demolition derbies where you have to smash other buses before they smash you. At the beginning of either a race or a derby you can choose to temporarily upgrade your bus with nitro, armor, indestructible wheels or to deal more damage, and you'll have to choose accordingly to what you're about to do. There are also some upgrades that are permanent such as engine upgrades, wheels upgrades, and also skins. You can also raise money from these events and buy other buses which will be more powerful. If all of this sounds fun then this bus driving game will surely be among your favorites! Are you ready to drive?
  • Good looking 3D graphics
  • Action-packed levels
  • Customizable buses
  • Unlockable buses
  • Easy to learn and play

Date de sortie: May 2020

Développeur: School Bus Demo Derby a été développé par Poki

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