Car Drift Racers
Car Drift Racers
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Car Drift Racers

Car Drift Racers


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The perfect combination for awesomeness is when you drive and drift! Come along and have fun while you're driving! Good luck!

Get ready to participate in a race where it's all about the dose of adrenaline the road and the race give you. Here on, you'll find a brand new game "Car Drift Racers" ready for your drifting skills. You have a bunch of levels to go through and upgrade your car with whatever you want to. Use arrow keys or W A S D to control your car and make awesome drifts and also don't forget to hit space in case you need to slow down things a little bit. You can improve your driving skills here in this brand new game "Car Drift Racers" and show off in front of your friends with your skills. Become the best drifter that is out there! Ready? Buckle up and sit tight. The speed is going to blow your mind. Good luck!
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