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City Minibus Driver

City Minibus Driver


Évaluation: 4.1
Experience a day in the life of a minibus driver and see what's like to drive all day long with City Minibus Driver!

Have you ever wanted to drive a mini bus? Have you ever wondered what's like to be a bus driver? If so then City Minibus Driver is the right game for you! City Minibus Driver is a car game where you get to pick up passengers and drive them to their destination. It's your job to make sure they get where they're supposed to be safely and in time because just like you, they also have their jobs to be at. Drive through the city, avoid collisions and car crashes and reach each bus stop in time so your passengers can get on with their day. This driving game features realistic vehicle controls and detailed environments that can sometimes be a challenge, but that's what you're here for; to overcome all obstacles and challenges and make sure everyone gets to their desired destination. When your shift ends and you're done with transportation for the day you can take part in races against other mini bus drivers or just cruise on your city's streets and explore. You can do the Racing and the Free Driving either by yourself or you can invite a friend over and play with them in 2 player mode from the same keyboard. While driving passengers around you'll earn money, use that money to buy new and better vehicles so your job becomes more interesting! If you enjoyed City Minibus Driver and want to play even more free games you're in the right spot! is home to thousands of free online games with new ones being added every day, so make sure you check us out often!
  • 3D graphics
  • Detailed environment
  • Unlockable cars
  • 3 game modes: Career, Race, and Free Drive
  • Available in 2 Player Mode

Date de sortie: July 2021

Développeur: City Minibus Driver a été développé par RHM Interactive

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