Extreme Offroad Cargo 4
Extreme Offroad Cargo 4
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Extreme Offroad Cargo 4

Extreme Offroad Cargo 4


Évaluation: 4.4
Extreme Offroad Cargo 4 is a Exclusive car game where you must make sure that the goods you are delivering reach their destination!
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Get ready for this Exclusive Title! Extreme Offroad Cargo 4 is a car game where you'll get to experience the life of a truck driver. Steer your heavy-loaded truck on dangerous-looking roads and avoid losing your cargo! Take in the off road scenic view, get around any obstacle you may encounter, and make sure that the goods you're delivering reach their destination intact. Use every bit of advantage your off road vehicles offer so that each delivery you make is a success. Each off road vehicle that's available in the game has been designed to behave as close as its real-life counterpart as possible while still making things fun. That means that your vehicle and your cargo are affected by physics at all times, so keep that in mind when you plan your deliveries. The levels in Extreme Offroad Cargo 4 will put your driving skills to the test with narrow passes, uneven ground, and other obstacles, so each level is a challenge to complete and if you manage to reach your delivery destination without losing any barrel or crate you can consider yourself a top driver! If you enjoy trucking games then Extreme Offroad Cargo 4 is right up your alley, so get ready for some cargo deliveries! If you liked our Exclusive Title and want to play even more games for free just pick any game category and start exploring. is home to thousands of free to play games and new games are being added every day!
  • Good looking 3D graphics
  • Challenging levels
  • Realistic car controls
  • Easy to learn controls
  • VitalityGames Exclusive Title

Date de sortie: July 2021

Développeur: Extreme Offroad Cargo 4 a été développé par VitalityGames

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