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Masked Forces: Halloween Survival

Masked Forces: Halloween Survival


Évaluation: 4.4
Masked Forces: Halloween Survival will test your limits in terms of courage and endurance as you will face waves of monsters that are all out to get you.

Are you ready for a really spooky Halloween game? Then load your weapon and be ready because Masked Forces: Halloween Survival is a game that will put your endurance and shooting skills to the test. You'll face waves of monsters and creatures that are all out to get you and will find you no matter where you hide. On this Halloween night you have nothing to rely on except your gun. Find a good strategic point on the map from where you can dispose the hoards of zombies, witches, mummies and bats. Do you think you can survive this Halloween night all by yourself? Try this game and find out!
  • Spooky soundtracs
  • Dayli gift rewards
  • Intense gameplay
  • Fast and responsive controls

Date de sortie: October 2019

Développeur: Masked Forces: Halloween Survival a été développé par GamesToPlay

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