Paco Stunt Cars
Paco Stunt Cars
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Paco Stunt Cars

Paco Stunt Cars


Évaluation: 4.6
Enjoy this epic fun 3D car simulator arena stuns. In multiplayer and offline modes. And drive, modified, tune and customize awesome cars. Enjoy driving..

Enjoy the latest 3D car simulator arena games online only on Click to play this fun Paco Stunt Cars game and experience the thrill of driving online.
Paco Stunt Cars game features multiplayer and offline modes. Choose one of the modes and select your cars they are all unlock. You can choose from street cars, to sports cars, trucks, tank and many more. The offline mode will provide more cars to have fun. 12 cars unlock in the offline mode and 8 in multiplayer mode. Select your car customize it, make it to feats your play stile, rims, suspensions, color, power and many more. You can adjust the physics of the cars handling like : ABS, ESP, TCS, and SH. Enjoy driving speed up the cars, jump on ramps, make drifts, fly through the air and make stuns. Adjust the quality of the game from the top right corner of the game interface depending on your computer performance. Don't worry about the trucks and the tanks speed and handling you can modify them and set the max torque, max speed and max brake and get nos to boost the speed. You can even modified the exhaust to get flames coming out of them.
Another cool feature of the game is you can make from a street car a jeep or a truck. You can modified the front and rear suspension making the car lower to the ground or higher. Modified the headlight colors and the wheels smoke colors. Enjoy the beautiful 3D graphics with many types and size of ramps. Have fun with this epic fun paco driving game online here on Vitality games and improve your skills to be the best from Paco Stunt Cars game. Good luck!
Release Date
August, 2016
  • Nice looking 3D graphics with great game-play.
  • You can play the game in multiplayer and offline modes.
  • You can modified and customize the cars physics like, power, handling, colors, and steering assistance.
  • You can adjust the game quality and optimize it to have the best experience.
  • Choose from awesome sport cars, racing cars, army trucks and tanks all are unlock!
  • Awesome animations, effects and sounds.
  • Easy ad fun to play.
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