Planes Jet Stream Racers
Planes Jet Stream Racers
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Planes Jet Stream Racers

Planes Jet Stream Racers


Évaluation: 4.1
Fly high in the sky with today's game, completely for free right here at!

Are you a fan of Disney's Planes? If that's so then you've come to the right place because here at our website you can play Planes Jet Stream Racer. In this plane game, you control Dusty Crophopper. Help Dusty achieve his dreams of taking part in an international race. But for that, he must learn a few tricks and flight maneuvers. Use your keyboard to guide Dusty through the skies and get the highest scores possibly. Are you ready to take flight? Then click the Play button and let's see what you can do! Do you want to play more free games but don't know where to find them? Have you tried our games categories? They're a great place to browse for free games. Our ever-growing library has thousands of games for free that you can try out right now and we add to that library every day!
  • 2D graphics
  • A great choice for casual gamers
  • Simple controls

Date de sortie: September 2018

Développeur: Planes Jet Stream Racers a été développé par Disney

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