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Power Badminton

Power Badminton


Évaluation: 3.4
Hit short, hit long and smash your way to victory in this fun side view Olympic cup league badminton game.

Are you up for a new sport challenge? How about a badminton cup league game? Here on we have prepared this intense badminton power game called Power Badminton. Enjoy playing badminton games online and improve your skills with the badminton palette to become a master.
Hit short, hit long and smash your way to victory, use arrow keys or A, D keys to move. Press J key to hit short, and press K to hit long. Press L to jump and smash and always pay attention on the top of the screen to the stamina bar and power bar. Hitting the ball flips up the power bar and a full power bar activate your special power. Five points to win a game, first player to wins 2 games win the mach. Activate power ups to give you an unfair advantage over your opponent, but watch out he has power ups to ;)).
Enjoy this free kick game and improve yourself to make it to the Olympic games. If you enjoy this game you can also try other fun similar tennis and sport game like this: Tennis World Tour and Mini Ping Pong. Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
October 2018
Power Badminton was distributed by Gamedistribution.
  • A fun single player and multiplayer badminton game.
  • Beautiful 2D detailed graphics with vibrant colors
  • Use powers ups like: super smash, illusion, time slow and speed burst.
  • Select from 3 available shuttlecock badminton.
  • Select from 3 available badminton court.
  • You can select to play training or match.
  • Easy and fun to play.

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