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Rally Point

Rally Point


Évaluation: 4.9
Play the first Rally Point game from the series online directly in your browser here on and have fun racing in the night.

Beat car games in the first installment of the Rally Point series online here on And test-drive some fast rally cars in the midnight. With powerful car engines nice detailed graphics you are in for the ride of your life. Take advantage of the unlimited nitro to boost your car from these cars car games that will help you keep the cars at max speed. But remember to much speed it's not always the answer! don't overheat the engines it will blow and you will lose the game.
The first track you are testing will be in the night, this will make it difficult to see in high speed the curves ahead. Make sure you use the hand brake and make the cars slide or drift to be able to cut the sharp bends curves. Also, there are different car models that will provide different car stats. Test out their capabilities see which one will feat your playstyle and enjoy this cool new adrenaline-pumping rally 3D racing game online for free. For extra adrenaline and more fun make sure you explore it in car games from the sequels of the Rally Point. As always have fun driving and racing cars while having a blast online!
PC and Web browser.

  • Play and have fun with the first sequel of the famous Rally Point rally game.
  • Great 3D graphics with detailed cars and levels
  • Five available tracks to test-drive
  • Unlimited nitro with a heating system
  • Great engine sounds and animations.

Date de sortie: April 2020

Développeur: Rally Point a été développé par XformGames

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