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Shadow Ninja Revenge

Shadow Ninja Revenge


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Play as a deadly ninja lurking in the shadows ready to strike! Can you master the secret arts of ninjutsu?

Have you always wondered what was like to be a ninja in Ancient Japan? We're all familiar with these mysterious warriors from movies, Japanese anime, or comics, but one cannot help but wonder what was like being one of those ninjas. Well, we can shed some light on those questions with today's game: Shadow Ninja Revenge! This is a ninja game where you'll have to traverse complex levels doing parkour moves, fight opponents and avoid falling into traps. The ninja you'll control is very agile and has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. You'll be able to throw shurikens, dash, and dice with the sword and turn yourself into a tree stump which your enemies will have a hard time detecting. There'll also be hidden rooms you can access by breaking walls. You should keep an eye out for them as you can collect more money. If you think your skills are as sharp as this ninja's sword, go right ahead and click the Play button! Find a new game to play every day here at! We have thousands of games that you can play for free right now, with many more being added daily!
  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Very cool looking art style
  • Fluid animations
  • Easy to learn controls

Date de sortie: March 2022

Développeur: Shadow Ninja Revenge a été développé par Hihoy

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