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Évaluation: 4.9
Enjoy this color territory multiplayer grow game and become the biggest jelly slime cube. Eat other players to grow faster and get more experience.

Play the latest 3D .io games online on Enjoy beautiful graphics with vibrant  colors and clay slime. Start moving around in this intense multiplayer battle ground arena and survive the 90 seconds count down. Play again other players from all around the world and dominate to be the best player.
Splash others and level up to color more area. If you grow big you can eat other smaller players but at the same time you can be eaten by other bigger players than you. Enjoy the hottest and most addictive game-play and remember the game is won by the person that has the most territory colored. Play more similar grow games with other hundred player online. And become the biggest jelly slime cube... the king. Have a blast online with the most awesome slime games and .io games online. Also you can try other similar slitherio game. Good luck!
Release Date
August, 2018
  • Fun .io grow game with territory coloring.
  • The game is limited to a 90 seconds win rate.
  • Choose from many types of colored slime.
  • Beautiful vibrant and intense colors.
  • Eat other players to grow faster and get more xp.
  • One of the most addictive game play.
Developer was developed by Clown Games.
Web browser, iOS.

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