Ultimate Strike
Ultimate Strike
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Ultimate Strike

Ultimate Strike


Évaluation: 4.4
If epic shooting matches with players from all over the world are your thing then you must check this game out!

Are you an avid player of shooter games? Do you enjoy getting in intense matches against players from all over the world? Well then, in that case, we have just the game for you: Ultimate Strike.
In this FPS game, you can either join an existing game room or you can create your own. Once the round has started is everyone for himself. There are no teammates to rely on. Your only ally is your gun, so make sure it's always loaded. If you get killed, you will get respawned a few seconds later, so no long waiting times in between the shootings. If you're ready to take part in some matches and see how sharp your skills are, click Play, and let's go!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Multiplayer
  • Competitive gameplay
  • Easy to learn controls

Date de sortie: February 2022

Développeur: Ultimate Strike a été développé par G55

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