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US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck

US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck


Évaluation: 4.1
Drive tanks and other heavy military vehicles as you safely transport them wherever they're needed! Play for free right here at!

Are you a fan of car parking games? Do you like to drive all kinds of vehicles, not just cars? If that's so then US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck is the right game for you!
In this driving online game, you'll have the chance to maneuver tanks and other heavy vehicles used by the military. Use your exceptional driving skills to move and park various vehicles in their designated spots. Whether you load tanks on a transporter, or you park military cars, you must always make sure you do a great job no matter what. If you think you've got the skills then go ahead and click the Play button, show us what you can do!
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  • 3D graphics
  • You get to drive tanks and other military vehicles
  • Easy to learn controls

Date de sortie: March 2022

Développeur: US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck a été développé par CarGames.Com

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