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We all have a sport side that cracks somehow in different situations. From our many selected running games you can find the ones who are for your taste. As we already know the great events that appear on TV regarding marathons, here we can find that too. Examples of longer-distance running events are long distance track races, marathons, ultramarathons, and multiday races. 
Running has been described as the world's most accessible sport. So what are we waiting for? Let's see if we can run as fast and as much as those who run in the Olympic Games. Are you ready? Not to mention you have the super opportunity to travel around the world and see the city as you please. You can grab a friend who can support you or why not even participate by your side. Find the perfect rhythm and synchronize it with your breath in order to be the first who is at the  finish line. Good luck my friend and have a successful race!

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